How do I take myself out of the "rotation"?

So, I met this great guy through a dating site. At first, we text almost every day, and sometimes we would talk on the phone for hours. He always wanted to hear my voice. We don't have a relationship so I know he does not really owe me anything, but he should be respectful regardless. He seems to have a lot of trust issues, and is just now starting to open up.

As of late, he has been calling every 2 days. At this point we have never met. It has almost been 3 wks and of course I want to meet to see if chemistry is there. It seems like he is socially awkward but I am not sure. He initiated and said he wanted to see me this Sat but never followed up. Basically plans were super vague and the least he could do was cancel I mean that is disrespectful.

So I was being stupid and was like hey are we still on for coffee this Sun. and he was like sure and gave me a time frame of 3-4. I was like who in the hell does that. Why not 3 or 4. So I was a bit pissed because of the Sat. incident and cancelled on him. At least I had the dignity to do that. As I predict, he will be calling me or texting me again as he does it like clock work with no plans to meet. I don't think he is married because we talk at night for hours.

I had another friend who said she talked to a man for months and just met him a few days ago. So in short, how do I take myself out of his rotation. He is talking to other girls which is fine because there is no commitment, but at the same time he is not trying to meet or anything. I mean if things are platonic that is fine, but even friends see each other once in a while. I wrote another post about him and he told me I was forbidden fruit. I guess now that I have given you more context it may be easier to discern.

Should I just ignore his texts or take a while to respond. I hate playing games like this, but I don't want to have a text or call buddy forever. I do know he is busy with work because he is starting a bus. and it is not self sustaining yet, but geez.
How do I take myself out of the "rotation"?
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