He dumped me but keeps texting..why?

Let me just start by saying, they're not "booty texts." We normally go through this. I'm not a fan of "on again, off again" relationships, but this is how it's always been with him. However, whenever it happens, I'm the one who always thinks it's real. I start getting over things. I'm still sad, but I realize what we had/didn't have.

Our most recent break up was over a week ago. This time, I decided it would be final, however he "broke up with me." I could never bring myself to breakup with him because I always thought we could work on things like communication, etc. (they were small issues like this).

Whenever we breakup it's because of the "fight" not the actual issue. That got annoying! So, I'm the one trying to keep it from starting back up again.

He texted me last Monday apologizing for not telling his family we were broken up (FYI - his sister texted me something about him last week and I had to update her.she likes me better anyway. ha ha.). I didn't respond to his text, because what's the point?

The second text came a few days ago (after I hadn't responded to his first "commentary text,). He asked if I would please let him know if I still had any interest in going to a planned concert with him ( we planned it several weeks ago). I responded with a casual "no" making it look like my work Christmas party had been planned on the same day. I didn't want to be rude, but I know I shouldn't go with him.

My question: Why does he keep texting me? If you obviously couldn't stand someone enough to always dump them whenever an issue came up, then why the F does he care if I go to a concert? Why does he keep sending me random small text messages? My thoughts are that he regrets being such a hot head about stupid issues, but I'm frustrated with being treated like I'm expendable.

What are some guys' thoughts on the issue of texting? Why does he continue to send me something insignificant?I've started NONE of the texting, and only responded once.

This hurts!


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  • I had an ex who did that, he may just see you as just an acquaintance, in that case, just ignore his texts or maybe he has some issues, bipolar perhaps. I know it hurts, I've been through it and all I can tell you is maybe you can call him up and say hey , what the hell do you want from me and take it from there and then that's it, it's up to you if you want to still talk tohim after that.

    • Thanks for the comments guys! I think he still likes me, but he has emotional issues, that's for sure! I'm going to wait and see when he texts me next. It sucks though, because I'm always checking my phone...but I don't really WANT to hear from him. Is that crazy?

    • OMGOSH girl I have the SAME thing going and right now!! my ex of 9 monhs..we dated before too!brokeup with me 3 days ago and I was SOO heartoken !! man silll am I still Love him and he said that heee still loves and cares about me but can't be use hi work is ettn to involvd and he can't adle being fully comitted to me and that.. but textedme like 5 times yesterdat

    • I'm going through the same thing. He broke up with me and still keeps in touch even though I never initiate it. I reply to him but it really hurts so bad!!! I know that I'm still in love and even deep down inside I might wish that we get back together but I know it won't happen. I just don't know how to get over him.

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  • He thinks he can play with you like that and thinks he's in control. Well if he dumped you, and still texts you like that, he probly still likes you.


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  • im swort of in the same situation except in my case... its vise-versa...

    im the one that sends him texs even after I broke it off,

    and I do it becuase I still care about him and still have feelings for him... never the less

    i wouldn't want to see that connection between the two of us to jus to end...

    so in your case id say he is still into you, but you should talk to him and tell

    him to just be straight foward about his feelings...