I broke up with him but he keeps texting me?

I broke up with my boyfriend on Friday. He did not treat me very well and I didn't want to be with him anymore because I didn't think he would ever change.

However, I basically told him it was coming, and he was still completely shocked. He was begging me not to leave him and made the whole thing very sad. He texted me the next day saying "I just want you to know I have been thinking about you" I responded with, "I have obviously been thinking about you too. I'm sorry it all had to come to this, but I hope you understand why I need to be alone."

He then was drunk texting me that night asking to see me. I didn't respond.

The next day he texted me some horoscope thing that explained why our signs are compatible and should be together. I then said "I know this hurts, I am sorry. I am going through this as well. I don't want to be a stranger to you, but I can't handle the texts I am getting from you. I feel like you are not respecting my need to be alone right now."

Then last night, he just texted me saying "goodnight ally" and that was it. I didn't respond. I deleted my Facebook so he couldn't contact me on their either.

I feel horrible that he is this hurt about it. I didn't want to be enemies, or be one of those childish couples that acts like the other person never existed. I was hoping to keep things civil, and if we saw each other, we could be nice and say hi. But that was all. But he doesn't seem to be getting it. I don't know what to do.


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  • Good, I remember your earlier questions, I was hoping you would breakup with him, because he didn't treat you well at all.

    Ha, of course he was shocked, he gotten away with so much earlier, he didn't think you'd ever follow through. And because you did, he doesn't know how to process his raw emotions.

    Look, I get you want to be a sweet, kind person. But you have a right to be free of harassment from him. You warned him, he CHOSE not to listen. He is trying to guilt you, make you feel like you are a horrible person. You aren't. It is his problem, he needs to deal with his emotions, and leave you out of it. Continue doing what you can to avoid contact with him.


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  • K, he's super hurt, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to do the things he did to you. When people are young, we make mistakes without realizing what we are doing. He obviously had this issue.

    I wouldn't suggest cutting him off 100% cause I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want him to do that to you either. I do respect the fact that you have asked for space though. You need to make it clear to him what your intensions are. 100%. If you need time to think about things, I suggest asking for that. He really loves you, if he didnt, he would still be acting like a d*** or w/e he was doing to you in the past. Mabe staying apart but talking here and there should fix him and you, by allow you guys to grow. Just know that he does love you, cause if he didnt, he wouldn't shed tears.

    • He had some serious personal problems, and I would go as far as to say he was emotionally abusive to me at times. Deep down I realize there is a kind person in there, but he covered that with meanness too many times. I told him I did not want to be with him anymore and I need to be alone to get my life together. I tried to be as respectful and kind as possible, but he isn't seeming to get it.

  • He thinks you will change your mind. The best thing you can do is ending ALL forms of communication. Might have to block his number. I really give it up to you for being a respectful girl. That was a great way to put it when you said you didn't want to be the kind of person who acts like the other person never existed. I've been the person who was forgotten before.

    • I feel so bad blocking his phone number, but it is seeming like it will have to come to that, just to allow him the opportunity to get over it on his own. He has contacted me every day since the break up, and I don't think that's helping him at all. I know it sucks to have been forgotten, but you're right, he can't keep thinking I will change my mind.

    • I'm guessing you guys have broken up before, and then gotten back together? This would be mean, but maybe you need to send him Taylor Swifts song We're never ever getting back together via Facebook YouTube video. I'm guessing that he knows how bad you feel about this, which is another reason for his pitiful, unbecoming, unmanly, weak behavior.

  • You should have seen this coming, I mean what is he supposed to do, say "ok cool, see ya around" Stop all communication with him.

    • I straight up said to him that I didn't want to be with him and I needed space. I told him on three different occasions I need to be alone. He isn't getting it, I don't really see how that's my fault.

  • After every text, you could reply back "gtg gtfo stfu"

    No need to talk to him at all.

    It would probably be best to never reply to a text from him again.

    Even better, don't even read them!

    Change his display name, so it's at the bottom of your contacts list, starts with Z or something.

    Like "ZdontRead"

    So when he texts, you can easily ignore it.

    I've done that. Works well. :D

  • Cut him off. That's about all you can do. You've been very nice and civil, but he hasn't respected your requests, so it's time for you to enforce them.

    You didn't make that decision, he did.


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  • Stop all contact with him and move on.

    • ...I am? I only responded when I asked him to leave me alone, and he isnt.