My girlfriend broke up with me because she wanted space and time to think. I need some really good advice.

Okay, please bare with me because this should make a lot of sense. I've been dating this girl for a year and 2 months. We were madly in love and I could tell. We were so happy together and had no problems and when we did we fixed them easily and simple. But sadly, out of no where, I wake up at about 12 in the morning and see she texted me saying "We need to talk" the four words no one wants to hear. So I was talking to her on the phone and she said, She just wants space and to think about things. And since I wasn't think and not being understanding .. I said stuff out of anger, since this was about the 5th time she broke up with me and so I was furious. I said stuff out of anger and said I regret this relationship .. She said she cried miserablly that whole day because of what I said. I'm really not like that, I love her to death I really do but I said something out of anger. I tried all the wrongs things though to fix it .. For a straight two weeks I tried to fix it, I did the wrong things, I came to her house with flowers, I kept bringin up the break up and etc. She told me a month before we broke up she liked her bestfriend, I can see how .. he liked her for a while and always tried to be there for her and she got pulled in by it. She told me she likes him but can't see herself in a relationship with him. She also said she can only see herself in a relation ship with me and how she tells me she can't stop loving me and caring about me, she also said she misses talking to me but she doesn't make an effort into talking to me, I keep coming to her which is bad .. I want to give her space and time but I can't handle it. I keep thinking if I wait she won't want me anymore .. And I'm scared on what to do. She says she wants to be with me but not now .. and how she can't date the person she likes. Love beats like anyday so it keeps changing my mind on what's going to happen .. I keep thinking shell come to me by what she tells me and than she keeps changing her mind. She also keeps saying how she doesn't want me out of her life and still wants to talk to me and come to her if I have any problems. She also said its hard seeing me at school and not talking to me sometimes. She goes down the hallways at my school holding hands with the guy she likes but they aren't dating. She says she can't do anything more than kiss a guy when they aren't dating, and I believe her cause she has respect. I want to know what I can do to get her back, Give her space? Let her think? I have so many questions right now and I need someones help fast!

1) Should I give her space and let her think until she talks to me?

2) How can I tell from what she said to me if she still wants me back? ( this is a big one I want to know )

3) Is this new guy she like just temporary?

Please everyone help me on this I've been trying to hard and strong to fix this, I really do love her and don't want to lose her as a girlfriend and my future
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UPDATE - I needed to add that we broke up in the beginning of September in 2009. I haven't slept or eaten anything since we broke up and its been 3 weeks of being broken up. It's just so hard, again, please give me advice I really need it!
My girlfriend broke up with me because she wanted space and time to think. I need some really good advice.
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