Girlfriend broke up with me because she "lost feelings". What? Help!

So my girlfriend and I were together for 6 months. We are in our last year of high school together. She told me she wanted to end our relationship because she just doesn't feel the same way like she did in the beginning. I asked a mutual friend that she's close with and she said that what my ex told me is what she told her. I don't think there's another guy. I know her well enough to know that. I have noticed her distancing her self from Me when we were physically beside each other and her pattern of texting changed. She said she thought about everything for a month which is when I noticed but I thought not much of it.

Anyways, she is my first love and I really do care about her. We had soooooo many things in common, even down to the finer details. I really miss her a lot and I want her back so badly. She's an amazing girl and I hope she finds a person who will appreciate her as much as me if not more. But coping is so hard and it's a struggle cause I love this girl.
I just don't get how you lose feelings all of a sudden and what I'm afraid of I guess, is that I'll never find someone as unique and relatable as she is to me. I'll always be there for her no matter what, but if you have a similar experience of how she lost feelings or how to cope; please do share.
Girlfriend broke up with me because she "lost feelings". What? Help!
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