My Girlfriend is losing/lost feelings for me. What now??

Well it started off summer of 08. We've dated for about 17 months, we're 4 days away from our 18th month. But this summer compared to the last, I've given her a lot more space (Due to previous break up) So this summer she's been meeting a lot of new people with her girl friends. She always goes out, I call her about 3 times a day to ask what she's doing and etc, but she replies with a small and then just hang sup on me. I'm always home on the other hand due to some trust issues ( Sometimes I think if I go out, she'll get mad cause of trust). This past summer, I've realized we haven't spent time together as much, we never talk on the phone anymore, she's usually negative towards me. Of course this hurts, but I just get over it. Now that she's been going out so much, it doesn't seem as if she really thinks of me anymore. So yesterday she messaged me a bit and told me she should say this now before it gets worse/etc. So she says that recently she's not sure but she think she's losing feelings for me. She doesn't know if its just the summer because of no school and she's going out a lot. She doesn't know exactly why, but she has said that I deserve better because of all the things I do for her, how I put her ahead of everyone else. She feels as if, I give her so much, but she doesn't give as much in return, as well as she feels she puts her fun/girls infront of me. The only reason apparently holding us two together right now is Timbit (Dog I bought her for her birthday). Sorry, forgot to add that we have started spending less and less time together that now it feels as if its weird when we're out together, as if we've lost interest/got bored of each other. She doesn't bother to call me out anymore because of what will happen, we walk around the streets, talk a bit then I walk her home. Well, in short. She doesn't have as much feelings for me so it can't work out as how I want it to. She gets mad/annoyed of me calling/checking up on her. When we both go out we do nothing. I do everything I try to not make her mad. She might prefer fun over me. She tells herself to hold on because its just the summer. But she has asked me "what now" and I replied to just hold on tight and we'll make it through (we've had a lot of problems in the past, way harder than this one). Its 3 days befores our 18th month, School starts in 5 days. What's there to do to make this all better when we're out and there's nothing there? I'm expecting a talk with her in person soon to get a better idea about what's happening. But yeah, sorry it this was a bad story or anything, but I'm really hurt and don't want to end the relationship like this. By the way, if it helps, not too sure. But we both recently turned 16. This is a girl that I honestly love with all my heart. And I'm sure she feels the same, its just its been fading recently due to lack of communication? Btw timbit, we split the bills and we both love him, he told each other before we'd always be there for him.
My Girlfriend is losing/lost feelings for me. What now??
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