The thought of losing me made him cry and he's scared of losing me?

I've been seeing this guy for about 9 months now. When we first started seeing each other, we both did not want a relationship because I had just gotten out of a bad one and he was not ready to settle down. We are about two years apart in our early twenties. Anyway, for the past few months, we have been getting a lot closer. We would talk about the future, our expectations, personal ambitions, children, marriage. Every night for the past month or two, we would talk for hours on end, sometimes ranging from 2 hours to 7 hours till it was time for both of us to wake up and go to university or work. A couple of months ago, I also found out from his best friend that he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend but he had to wait for the right time to ask me.

We both have talked about our feelings for each other and how important we are to each other and how much we do not want to lose each other. One night, I may have hinted to him that I thought of asking him out because his best friend said he was scared to do it because of his uncertainty that i dont like him enough to do it. Eventually he found out that I was gonna ask him and from that day on, our behavior towards each other is still the same.

A few days ago, we talked and told me that he was not ready to commit because he thinks he's still has a lot to experience in life. But the things I said and the idea of losing me made him cry. And they were not teardrops.. he was sobbing on my shoulder and hugging me so tight that i couldnt breathe. We were both crying so much that I can't remember how many tissues we used between each other. . When I asked him again, if being single was what he really wanted, he told me that he was unsure of w when he was gonna tell me but now, thinking about his feelings for me, and the thought of losing me made him think twice about what he wanted. We continue to stay how we are until he is sure.

What are your thoughts on this?
The thought of losing me made him cry and he's scared of losing me?
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