How can I make him fear losing me just a little?

My boyfriend has been kind of inconsistent lately when he's even more consistent with his friends! He's more afraid of losing his friends than he is of losing me and I'm happy that I make him feel that safe but it's making me feel neglected and sad. I told him this, and he thanked me for voicing my feelings, but I'm not going to nag and tell him again and again. I want to show him through actions and behaviours how I feel now.

He seems very secure in the relationship, which is good, I am very loyal and I would never cheat... but I want him to realize that if I don't feel like his priority it's going to hurt me and hurt me until I have to leave him and find someone who WILL make me feel like his/her priority.

I'm worried he is becoming complacent and I know that men love the chase so how can I pull back in a way that isn't cruel to give him a bit of adrenaline? So he can realize that putting me on the back burner could end in him losing me but he can also have fun feeling like he's chasing me again.

I want to communicate this in a way that's a bit playful while still being SERIOUS. Because I don't want to fall out of love with him but if he keeps being complacent I will whether I want to or not!

How can I make him fear losing me just a little?
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