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So, I met this girl on a dating site in September, and we hit it off really well. We've been talking through text and Skype for some months now, and we went on our first date about a week ago, it was enjoyable but there was no romatic contact or anything like that. After that she texted me and said she had a "very nice time" and seemed to agree to a second date next week (this happened 3 days ago) she hasn't replied to any of my messages since then for some reason. Normally, this wouldn't bother me but its just the fact that she ALWAYS responds to texts very quickly, never deterring from this quick response pattern for MONTHS. I know she's reading my text because there is a function on my phone that tells me when messages are read, she's just ignoring them for whatever reason. I don't feel like I said anything weird in the two texts she hasn't responded to, but they did have two direct questions that she didn't respond to (nothing serious, just asking about a movie actor in one text and asking how her day went in the other text). Do you have any insight into what is happening? I can also see that she's still making frequent Facebook posts, so I'm pretty sure she's not simply too busy to respond. I wonder what's up... I feel like I want to ask her, but don't want to feel like I'm pressing the issue. I can understand if she decided she doesn't like me now for whatever reason, but why not just tell me that information instead of ignoring me like this? ...


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  • Maybe you are being too persistent. If you don't see a connection between the two of you, and she doesn't either, then maybe she is too shy...or feels too bad to say anything to you about it. It's happened to me in the past where I feel really bad and just don't say anything back. I guess it's mean but at the same time I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

    You could just send her a text saying how you feel : "Hey, was just wondering if you would want to go on another date? If not I would really like to be friends. Let me know if you would be interested." You could also try calling her. Text her one more time (or call) but don't do anything more than that. If she doesn't respond after that leave it alone. Also, you may want to wait a week and then send a text or call. She may need a breather.


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  • you sent her a text-message.. and she didn’t respond.

    What the hell you think to yourself .. how could this girl not answer me yo(hopefully you are such a baller that you don’t notice a non-response from a single girl)… “how could she possibly ignore me”.

    and this is where a lot of guys go wrong. They think.. well maybe if I just keep sending texts/calling/chasing/being a chump; I will show her how much of a loser/stalker/creep great guy I am.

    Do not ever chase. If a girl ever gives you an IOD (indicator of dis interest) such as ignoring your phone call/text. Hell.. even if she turns around and does something rude to you.. you punish her for it lol.

    I don’t mean like get mad and confront her(like you did).. cause that would make you look super lame and she would just make some excuses like “i lost my phone sorry” or some other lies. You would look even more like a fool when she finally convinces you haha.

    If you don’t know the girl at all and this happens you aren’t really “punishing” the behavior since she doesn’t care but the concept is the same.. you don't “reward” bad behavior. If she wants to ignore you.. you just wait it out. Don’t call or send any more messages.. just let everything die out completely.. wait a week or two. I guarantee 99% of these girls will cave in once they realize they messed up you are a real man that won’t bend to their mind games.

    Its a pretty rough world out there.. but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of situations you completely understand. Game is the key.. you absolutely have to know how her mind hamster works if you wanna get ahead and protect yourself from the mess.

    hope this helps :)

    • I'd wait a week or two, except for the fact that we basically already agreed to going out on a 2nd date next Thursday or Friday and I was supposed to just ask confirmation next wed. Should I still wait even beyond the scheduled date to elecit a response from her?

    • okay..If she agreed to go out with you on 2nd date then, call her on wed instead of texting her,

      girls hate when a guy fix a date on a text :P

      if she won't pick up then just leave a text that, " hey I was just wondering that we decided to meet up tomorrow so buzzed you up ^_^ "

      don't get panic and send other texts if she won't reply...

      make her feel comfortable with you.. don't freak her out by being needy or desperate..good luck

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