Issues with a girl not responding to texts - is this her way of playing mind games or something?

She's definitely into me (given the fact that we've been on a few dates and she's kissed me), but she seems a bit hot and cold when we're not on a date. Like, she often takes a while respond to texts even though I know she received them straight away, but when she is texting me, she seems interested. Is she just playing mind games? (The texts I send her aren't exactly ones where she would have a decent excuse not to reply to them... like, the most recent one was a specific question almost a full day ago, and she hasn't replied to it yet, even though I know she must have seen it.)

Thanks in advance guys and gals <3<3<3=D

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  • If she's not going to give you the courtesy of responding then stop texting her so much. Not saying stop completely, but don't chase her so much and make her do some work too. If she won't then she's not worth it.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Either she IS playing games with you or...

    she really ISN'T interested in you.

    But it doesn't matter... this behavior either way is unacceptable. Don't put up with it. Move on.

    There is nothing you can do to get her to behave respectfully if she doesn't do it already.

    (And it's not about not wanting to appear clingy - that's bullsh*t.)

  • She's definitely interested! Maybe she's just not big on texting, or in the past she has gotten used to not always texting right away with a different guy or something. There could be lots of reasons she's not texting back, but I'm sure she's interested! Don't read too much into her not responding, you're fine :)

  • I wouldn't put up with this mess. She could be playing games but most likely she is just not interested. Just don't contact her for awhile and see if she contacts you.


What Guys Said 2

  • If I see a girl who has issues I run the opposite way

    • I wouldn't say she has issues. She seems really nice in person. Like, really nice lol. It's just the texting stuff that confuses me.

  • I hate phones, I hate txting. so others out there may feel the same. so long as you ARE dating. let it go.

    but if she isn't responding to requests for a date...then ditch the number and move on

    • She responded to them but cancelled them last minute a couple times.

    • ditch the bitch, interested women don't cancel without Asking for an alternative date or a rain check with specifics. in some cases, if a woman legit cancels a date...she will offer to go out another knight...her treat..since she canceled.

      if this don't sound like your girl...ditch the bitch

    • She did ask for an alternative one. We did try to organize another. It just didn't work out that time either.

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