Guys, how can a girl get you to text back?

Okay so I have read that guys like to handle one thing at a time. Meaning if you’re busy with work, or if you are busy with school, or doing something else, if a girl messages you “Hey :-) How are you?” You aren’t going to want to reply because you don’t feel like getting into a long conversation with her at the moment. But let’s say it’s been 4 days since you have texted the girl. You guys are REALLY into each other, but you haven’t texted her. This could be because you’re simply to busy to have a conversation or something like that. I have read though that if a girl sends you a sexy picture or sexy message, you’ll respond to that because, well, that definitely peaks your interest. I have also read that if something dramatic happens in her day, and she sends you a message about this drama, like “My dog died today and I am very sad about it and my step dad yelled at me for dropping a spoon and my friend Emily told me she hates me.” then you are less likely to respond to that right away, if you even respond to that at all. I have also read that a message like “Hey you :-) Hope your day’s going well! Thinking about you and missing you. Love you ;*” makes you smile and feel happy because it doesn’t really require reply, it was sweet, short, simple, and straight to the point. Now lets say you’re with this girl. You love her, she loves you. You last talked to her 4 days ago. She missed you so she sent you the short message above 2 days ago. You haven’t responded, but you have read it. How can this girl get you to reply to her? Should she send you a sexy message? This girl loves sexting with you but also hopes for a meaningful conversation as well. So, what can this girl do/say to make you message her back right away because you genuinely really want to.

by the way I am 17 just about to turn 18 in a few days :-)


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  • I couldn't even finish your question. Sounds like you just love filler texts. You bored in into not replying. Yea, its possible. I don't even know you and I got bored after the third line. Guys like it short, simple and direct, and once you start a convo with the filler "Hey how is your day" and you repeat this every time you text, at some point, he just won't answer. Start with something catchy. Like a joke.

    • lol okay :-) Thank you!

    • definitely welcome. after the joke, try not to ask about his day, kind of state something that happened in yours that was pretty interesting, like seeing a deer or something and he will instinctually try to match yours by telling you something interesting about his day. you kill two birds with one stone, he replies AND he tells you about his day.

    • okay cool! Thank you! I didn't know that haha as a girl, I am wired to ask “how’s your day” because I am curious and I also don’t want to seem self conceited by only talking about my day haha but you’re a guy so you definitely and obviously know better than me lol thank you :)))

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  • Keep the individual messages short.. better to have multiple short messages than say one long one

    But I would just text again a short message with a question, like how are you? maybe add a sexy/flirty nickname

    I was going to say why do girls not respond lol

    • lol okay :) Another comment told me not to ask how he is because he sees that as an obligation to reply, he won’t want to reply. He said to tell the guy something about my day and that he in turn will want to reply and will follow up with something from his day. Do you find this to be true? If I don’t ask him about his day, and I just tell him something about mine, would you think of me as conceited?
      Also, I reply to messages from my guy no matter what the message is. If you texted her and she didn't respond, and you text her a thousand times after, that will frustrate her and get on her nerves. If a girl is busy, she may not respond. But I can’t speak for every girl because we vary and I always respond relatively quickly.

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    • All right, will give it a whirl. Thanks!

    • no problem! Thank YOU! :)

  • One. If your text are as long as what you made me read, then I understand this guy's reaction lol jk

    Two. Some people just don't like texting and rather have face to face conversations

    Three. If your message doesn't need a response but rather you just sent a statement then, you can't expect something back

    Four. Don't demote yourself by sending "sexy" messages and pictures at your age it just shows neediness

    Five. There is no rule book to texting and every guy is different, don't think of whatever you read as a basis for everyone

  • it really depends on the guy. me for example, if a girl tries to cut contact, I will let her and go on about my business. it works on some guys and it doesn't on others. you gotta feel him out in order to make your next move work.

    • What do you mean “feel him out”?

    • like in a way get to know him better. learn his vibes, which way he is vibing. knowing more about him will give you a better educated guess on how to make your every move work to your advantage. exploitation in the making.

    • oh okay :-) I shall do that then. Thank you!

  • If it has been 4 days, he isn't interested. Don't be desperate because that is the last thing we want from a woman.

    • okay. Well we’ve technically been together for two months and I don’t think he’s lost interest, he certainly hasn’t shown it. It’s finals time for him so he’s been feeling stressed.

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