Why does she wait so long to text back?

So this amazing girl and I went out to dinner the other night. I met her at her house. Waited for her to get ready. We left and ate dinner at her favorite place. Talked for a while. We went to the movies and found a different movie, we missed the movie we were supposed to watch. We went back to her house and talked, I met her roommate and her roommates boyfriend and we talked some more. We went for a walk, at 1AM. Then we went back to her house and we talked some more. We talked about her religion, she is Mormon and I am Catholic. We went through her photos and she virtually introduced me to all her friends. We talked about family history, the good kind. She gives off all the right signs, she had her legs crossed towards me. We sat close the whole evening. She was always leaning towards me. When she looks at me she smiles and doesn't pull her gaze away. She was sitting erect. There was never an awkward moment.

Anyways, the next day she invites me to a NYE party with all of her closest friends. We met at her place again and she drove us to her friends house for dinner. I met all of her closest friends, guys and girls. We all got along really well! Her friends were very inviting and none of them were stand-offish. We went to the dance and had a great time. On the way to the dance and back from the dance we talked a lot. Communication between us has never been awkward. Except when she was telling me about all her loser ex-boyfriends. None of them had any respect for her. All the alpha male strong types. Some even forced their way onto her... I am a pretty fit guy but I'm not one of those alpha males that has no consideration, the type all women are instantly attracted too... Anyways I am trying to figure out why she won't text me back. She has been to busy for me to call so I text every once and a while. Before the date she would always text back immediately. I have known her for at least a year and a half. She has never delayed in responding to me. I can't figure out what I did wrong... I am the nice guy, I am respectful and I open doors, pull out chairs, pay for the whole night. Ect..

Anyways we have plans on Sunday to go to her church and I am not sure what to do. I want to build a friendship with her but I feel she is putting up walls. I have also shown her that I want to learn about her religion and that I want to convert to the LDS. Help, is she interested in me even a little?

I just wanted to add in: Her friends have added me to Facebook already. It seems when she does text back she is a little more closed off. I hadn't realized that she might be doing it on purpose to hide feelings, I had just thought I did something wrong.
OK so I finally received a text back from her. She apologized twice and told me that she is an independent girl and is very busy. Still not direct... I haven't sent any texts back to her. Oh well, we tried. Thanks for all the help out there!


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  • Basically, girls do that (with the texting) try to torture guys. They want to get you hooked on them. However, this happened to a guy I know and as it turned out...the girl in the end said she just wanted to be "friends". Yeah, it sucked I know. The problem is that sometimes guys are "too nice" that it gets disgusting...be normal not "too nice". She can breathe on her own she doesn't need someone to do it for her if you know what I mean. converting? think of God, don't do it because of a girl. I think you should tell her how you feel, but don't loose your manly touch...show her she has nothing to fear from you like her past exes. And remember be respectful, and nice, but don't do everything for her because take it from a girl who knows...it gets annoying. And if she doesn't like you like that or turns you down, then forget about her. I think you should pay attention to the way she acts when you two are together in person rather than how fast she texts back though.

    • I like it!!! Thank you. I don't think I was too nice, at least I hope not. You raise a valid point, I definitely don't want to disgust her.

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    • Oh, yeah I wouldn't actually be rude. I am generally just more sensitive then most guys. Us men who are raised with only our mother tend to be a little more sensitive. Thank you for your response btw.

    • No problem. And I didn't know that...

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  • yea, she's probably interested in you. if this is just about texts that's geting you nervous, then you'll definitely be fine. people obsess about texts waaay to much (i'm one of them!), but seriously, less than 2 weeks ago I watched an entire episode of tyra banks on texting etiquitte. they literally spent like half the show on timings when texting a guy. they "experts" (who knew there was experts on text flirting?) said not to respond right away to a text if you like a guy. and that's what everyone seems to do now when they don't want to look desperate. if you've met all her friends and she seems welcoming to your advances in person, be straight up with her. but seriously, don't convert to a different religion unless YOU want to. religion is some pretty big stuff to base on one girl. good luck :)


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  • What you should be doing is displaying alpha male characteristics. First off you shouldn't change your self and your beliefs over one girl. She is definitly interested in you if you got as far as you did. The thing is there could be a lot of reasons why she didn't text you back like something wrong with the phone or she saw it but she was too busy at the time. And these reasons show that is has nothing to do with liking you. You shouldnt stress over what's going on. If she does like you and is interested in you she will text you but don't worry too much over a simple text. All the time you spent with her goes past talking through a text so don't stress over one. If it turns out that she never does end up contacting you then you should just move on and know that you're not gonna keep yourself down over a girl. Being an alpha male doesn't mean that you have no consideration. It just means that you stand strong by your beliefs and you know that there's a lot of things and women out there waiting for you. And it also means that you are someone who doesn't take things too seriously and you don't let it faze you. If you act this way you'll find that you will be very worry free. So what you should do is just wait and see if this girl does contact you back. If not then it's her loss right?

    • Thanks for the excellant advice. I normally express myself like you say that alpha males do but I am going through the ringer with this girl. You are right though, there are millions of other women out there. Chances are I could find another decent woman. I do not like to change for other people but religeously, I already have been pulled to the LDS church. I don't want her to think I am changing for her. Maybe it would help if I go to a different church nearby? Seriously though, great advice.

    • Yea no problem. It would help you even more if you didn't worry too much about what she thinks when you are making your own lifestyle choices. If you want to convert, then don't worry about whether or not she will think that you are changing for her. You are changing for you and that's not her choice so don't pay mind to it. Also when she said she's independent and busy it just means she's got a lot going on for her. The longer you wait you'll find that she'll come back to you since uve goten so far

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