Why does she always wait for me to text her.....

I have been seeing this girl for 5 months. She is a great person, great in bed, independent, great looks, great style

She has been in a relationship before with a married man and it didn't work out, he went back to his wife.

She use to work with me but we only hooked up after she left ( her leaving do ). Apparently she had fancied me for about 6 months but thought that I had never noticed her - well I had , just that I don't go there at work...

She says she doesn't want to get hurt again and appears to be assessing me , wanting to know what I am thinking, never puts any pressure on me. I am very independent, non-needy and busy and unlikely to get married again or let anyone move in with me ...

I never ask her about what she is up to when not with me - not really interested as long as she is happy and there when I want her... I like her, but am still trying to figure her out.. It's a bit like playing chess

She is 30 and I am 47 -

She knows I get interest from other girls and before we hooked up she thought I was unattainable...

I think she is quite experienced and has some game, she always has guys after her but is basically a good girl. But since she met me she gets incredible sex - I don't think she has had so many orgasms before in one hour ( 4)

But why does she always wait for me to initiate texts?

Occasionally she suggests she is missing me and wants to meet , but when I try and arrange a time she is busy or changes the time last minute. I always have a back up plan. I don't like email , chat or text - I prefer to do face to face flirting

What do you folks think is going on?


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  • yeah she seems really experienced , and I think she is playin games and she wants you to want her not her to want you ... so if you try to ignore her a little bit , she might change!

  • Personally, I think that she is just missing yalls sex life--not you necessarily. She seems like she just misses you and wants to call/text you when she wants sex. If she had an affair with a married man then she must not be looking for a commited relationship. I think she is just out to have fun and she is probably scared of getting hurt again, therefore she does not allow herself to get too close to you--so she resorts to just getting pleasure from sex. By doing this she is avoiding the subject of having a relationship altogether, she gets sex and in a way thinks she is capable of having a relationship but in reality she is scared of getting hurt so she just uses you for sex and does not allow herself to get emotionally invovled. I think she is scared to get invovled seriously with anyone due to previous relationships and she might have a hard time trusting you since you do not want a serious relationship and she might know/realize this.

    • Great analysis

      I did tell her from the outset that I will make no promises & I want no one getting hurt, despite that we both went for it.

      Do you think she is afraid of falling for me emotionally?

    • Yes I do think she is afraid to fall for you emotionally, and she might find herself actually doing this already, so she is backign off by not responding to your texts and remaining distant.

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