Tinder date wants to bring friends along?


We seem to have a few things in common and have chatted consistently for about two weeks, but this will be our first official meetup. Initially, she asked if I would be comfortable with her bringing her best friend. I told her that this was fine, she (the friend) seemed nice in our brief conversation. Now, the day before our scheduled date, she is asking me if another friend can tag along because it is that friend's birthday and he wanted to hang out with his buddy. I'm starting to reconsider whether or not this is going to work for me. She explained bringing the first friend by telling me that she just wanted to be sure that she was safe for our first meetup, possibly stemming from the fact that it will be an hour ride to even reach me in my town. I was understanding of this and didn't think it was that unreasonable. This other guy tagging along, however, is really pushing it for me. I am mildly annoyed by the change in plans.
If it weren't the day before our date, I probably would cancel it altogether, but now I don't want to look like an asshole over canceling last minute, especially when she seems like a genuinely nice girl. I feel less like I'm going to go on a date now, however, and more like I'm about to chaperone a field trip. What would you do if you were in this situation? Is this as weird as I think it is?
Tinder date wants to bring friends along?
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