Is it a good sign when my boyfriend talks to his mom about me?

Sorry this is long. Been dating this great guy for almost 6 months, it’s exclusive but something we never talked about. No pressure but we both know we care about each other and enjoy each other. Our lives our busy, my first job is being a mom to a 4 year old and he was single 39 year old man when we met. Now we’re 6 months in and obviously my feeling have gotten stronger then I intended and we haven’t really talked about where this is going, and it will be had sooner then later. His family lives on the other side of the country and mine lives where we are and neither of us haven’t met our families, but have met many of each other’s friends. He left to go back home today and I drove him to the airport. I was laying in his bed when he got up to phone his mom about plans for being at home and heard him talking about me and that I was takin him to the airport and how I had to pick up my son in the same place he was flying out of. He used my name, and didn’t say my boyfriend or girl I’m seeing but sounded like he’d mentioned me before. He also made a comment about an incident I had with my mom and he said when I meet you mom I’ll make a joke about that too. So my question is, does he look at me more serious? Is it a good sign that he’s taking about meeting my parents and that he’s talking to his mom about me? We don’t really have pictures but there is this one his buddy took of us and this fish we caught and he asked me to send it to him and he said I need it to show my brother my two trophies. We also play softball on different teams and the night our teams played together his teammates made a comment about him getting so many home runs because his “wife” was watching. Then he told it about it. I’m sit trying to figure out where his head at. It’s the first relationship since my sons father that has some possible potential for more.
Is it a good sign when my boyfriend talks to his mom about me?
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