Had a good first date yesterday but haven’t heard from him today?

I met this guy from bumble yesterday for drinks (it took a while to coordinate / confirm a date and time but it happened). I was super super nervous for it but it went wayyy better than I thought. We were there for 2 hours, I had 2 Drinks and he had either 2/3 drinks. We had lots in common mostly from our travels, living in the same cities, and going to the same university. He was definitely a little more eccentric then I thought but I guess who isn’t a little weird. There were no awkward pauses it was probably awkward for maybe the first 3 minutes tops. The convo was very 50-50 also which is a good sign. Anyways he walks me back to my car and as we’re walking I’m like oh you forgot to the tell me the story of xyz and he’s like well got save something for the next time. I thanked him for the drinks and we did you know the awkward first date hug and I left. I haven’t heard from him today and i was surprised cause usually have a decent feel on things. I thought we had lots in common. I did tell my girlfriend right after the date that he really nice and easy to talk to I didn’t know if I got a romantic vibe for him or not as of yet but sometimes it’s hard to tell on pure blinds and i definitely would go again cause we had lots of common. I haven’t heard from him today which I’m actually surprised about. I mean he definitely isn’t must of a texter just based on our interactions before we met up but I thought I’d hear from him. Do you think he’s purposely waiting 48 hours to reach out? Or he just didn’t get a romantic vibe. I am a bit confused.
Had a good first date yesterday but haven’t heard from him today?
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