Why does my crush care about me so much?

I'm honestly dumbfounded. I thought I never had a chance (I didn't even fit her requirements and standards), I even set her up with my own best friend because his a better. I'm still shocked, and downright surprised this happened. I always used dating rules to keep everything in check. I'd followed everyone of them, yet my current crush throwed all that out the window.

Now what she said really threw me off since we talked, and I remember almost exactly what she said to.

She told me in text," I just wanted to let you I like you. I really really like you. I was honestly surprised you set me up with your best friend, but we really never did anything. We just discussed about you really in our so called relationship. He explained to me how you were, how caring you are, and how you have self doubt. I never heard of a guy just giving up his crush to someone else. As kind as what you did, I like you. I don't like your friend, a strong woman like me love caring guy's. As a matter of fact, you being yourself is what I find attractive. I know you had bad experiences in high school, and frankly never treated right. I told guy's that I'm talking someone, and that someone is you. I hope you know i'm ready to be your girlfriend, and experience the love you may give to me."

For the 1st time ever, and I mean ever, not only does a girl like me, she's the 1st to not accept me giving her to someone better. I don't know what to do, or what dating rule I should use. I've checked reddit, and other dating forum's, I just can't find a dating rule for this situation.

Please help me, I'm shocked she genuinely cares about me. A girl really cares about me, and it's making heart feel out of wack in a good way. I really need help, and sorry for my past reddit about her. I just can't get over this.

Edit:She is more socially adept while I'm socially awkward. I don't know she's ok with me being socially awkward.
Why does my crush care about me so much?
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