White guys, have you ever dated an Indian girl?

how was it?

i mean east indian as the race


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  • I have never been in a relationship with an Indian girl (although I do find them very attractive). I have been on two dates with an Indian girl though. They went fine although she ended up pulling away and I guess she wasn't that interested. I would date an Indian girl again if I ever meet one that I'm interested in.

    • well I am east indian :p

    • Yeah I like east Indian girls.

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  • my ex girlfriend was indian. I liked her more then any other girl I dated. but she kind of screwed with my head a lot and still is kind of. She played a lot of games with me. but also showed me more love than anyone else had. It was intense but no regrets. plus indian girls are hotties so it comes with the territory I guess lol

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *hugs* you are CUTE what's wrong with her?...yea I'm indian ...never dated a white guy before but I would like to see hw it goes...curious lol

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    • gh. I know I would of done anything for her and to respect her beliefs and what not. She did not have beliefs very different then me but I would like to think I am respectful to other cultures and I think guys from other races would be too,

    • i sent you a message in your inbox...i added you :)

  • what do you mean by indian? like native american/indoamerican or hindu from India?

    • the real indians from india lol

    • NO I havent, but some are pretty, I don't know any. are you an Indian girls seeking an attractive white male? lol

    • yea I'm curious never dated one

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  • I'm Indian and date only white guys. Actually I never had to ask any guy out,they always chase me lol .it's so cute. I can say about myself...I'm a complete crazy freak in bed..no limits wild.hardcore. Many people think we are very traditional and shy..how wrong! I'll be the best f*** you've ever had. It has to do with how sexually repressed women are in India,once we get here and are ourselves...omg. It's insane.I've been really bad.

    • haha...kudos to ya ...yea same here when I go visit family away I get asked out or they stare me down but I would always be with fam so lol...i usually only date indian guys but I'm curious about white guys..wanna see what it's like

    • You must date a white guy, they are awesome in bed. Very sweet and caring... Amazing in bed. Really big down there too, athletic omg I can just go on and on...Once you go white you can never go back to any other race.