Why are girls such ass holes on dating apps?

Dating apps give women such a huge array of guys to choose from that it's turned them all narcissistic.
If you're not incredibly attractive. You ain't got a shot.

I get likes and matches with girls no problem, so they are attracted to me, but it's the conversation part which is the hard part.
Girls either flat out ignore my messages, I get the odd response or I'm asked to prove myself to them in some way. This is what the last girl sent me:

"I have maybe 1 day a week to do a date, if that. What makes you stand out amongst all these dudes offering to take me for some shitty G&T at their local dive bar?"

What's with the fucking attitude? Can we have a conversation? Meet up for a drink? Get to know each other a little? The Annoying part is that half these girls aren't that attractive. Certainly not hot enough to be making demands... The most attractive girls I match with are like 7 at best, but they act like they're a nine or a ten.

These girls must be batting men off with a stick to be like this. Bumbles just as bad. The same girls that put, "don't be boring and say hi or how are you?"
Put the same damn thing when talking to me, but I'm meant to write a poem or something for every girl I match with?

I understand why guys send dick pics right off the bat, because either she's into it or she's not. Either way you get a response.

Anyway, It's pissing me off... Lads, are you experiencing the same thing? And ladies, what's it like on your end?
Why are girls such ass holes on dating apps?
Why are girls such ass holes on dating apps?
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