I'm His First Girlfriend?

I am so excited about dating this new guy! But I found out I'm kind of his first serious relationship.

How should I go about this? Should I take it slow? Should I wait for our first kiss?


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  • You may be the more experienced one, but if you try to guide him too much in the relationship he could get a bit overwhelmed and maybe freak out a bit. Try just going with the flow and seeing where he wants to go with the relationship. If he wants to go slowly, he will; if he wants to move fast, he will (as long as you're fine with whatever he wants to do). That said though, you can still take some initiative in the relationship - in fact, it'd probably be good if you did guide him a bit. You can even organize a date or something (even though most girls, for some reason, think that guys should be the ones to ask the girls out).

    Congrats ha ha :)


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  • You should just drop hints and let him kiss you first. If he is taking too long than you can do it but give the first 2 weeks to him.

  • just take things slowly, and he will kiss you when it feels right


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