Girls, kissing a stranger? would you do it?

i was at a packed bar but I wasn't socializing much because I am kind of a low key/"quiet" guy. throughout the night some girls winked at me, touched me, stared, or just did things as hints for me to come up to them. I just continued to chill though

well once I was leaving I went to a less crowded area and a group of girls came up to me telling me that it was one of the girls' birthday. I got friendly with the birthday girl, told her happy birthday and gave her a hug, then I left.

later I thought: how would she have reacted if I asked her if I could give her a birthday kiss? I wished I thought of this after I hugged her. I know its bold but it was her birthday so I feel maybe she would have done it.

girls, do you think in this situation (or even in other situations) you would have been up for it?
Girls, kissing a stranger? would you do it?
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