Am I more than a hookup to him?

Met a guy on tinder back in December. From the get go I understood it was just a hookup deal. I thought I could handle it but he treated me so much like girlfriend that I ended up catching feelings. So I ended it, knowing were I stood. I told him my feelings and in my last text I said if he had a change of heart in the near future to get in touch.

Fast forward to the end of march before full covid-19 lockdown, he gets in touch with me. We begin talking back and forward again and it leads to us talking about hanging out. He takes me to his for a weekend and we have a good time. We kept in touch daily and hung out again at his for another 4 days, then he catches me off guard on the last evening and says "so are you just going to dump me again if you catch feelings?" I was peeved because I thought him getting back in touch ment he had a change of heart.

We have a long discussion about it. I tell him I'm not exactly ready for a relationship either but what's the harm in seeing how it goes exclusively. His reaction was a happy one and he agreed, but I feel like I have talked him into it.

Fast forward to today, we haven't seen eachother since (covid-19) I'm not sure if it's due to restrictions but we could see eachother if we tried. he hasn't made any attempt to see me even though I have tried, once. He texts me almost every day. I called him out on being a bit of an asshole last night, I said anytime I say something nice to you, you slag me off. He apologized saying I'm out of his league and he should watch his manners with me, that I don't deserve that treatment. Now he's complimenting me and being a lot more attentive.

My problem is, I worry he still sees me as just a hookup since he hasn't made any attempt to hangout.

I hope that all made sense. I've never been on a site like this before were I ask questions and giving the covid I've so much time to over think.
Am I more than a hookup to him?
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