Unghosted then reghosted?

A guy I was dating ghosted me for over a month, then during this time suffered a horrific family tragedy. I messaged to pass on my condolences despite the fact he was already ghosting me at this point. He eventually messaged out of the blue a few weeks after this, inviting me over. We spent 5 hours alone together and had a really intimate time together, both physically and emotionally. We seemingly parted on great terms, but I have heard nothing since. I know he is going through an absolutely horrendous time at the moment, so I don’t hold it against him. However, because he ghosted me before the tragedy occured I wonder if the reasons for re-ghosting are related directly to me or because he has a lot going on. I guess I am just looking for guidance on how to proceed with him. In person, he acts extremely keen but he has always been a patchy texter, even before he first ghosted me and before the tragedy occured.
Unghosted then reghosted?
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