He didn't text after the first date?

so, I met a guy through friends and my friends set me up with him. He lives 2 hours away and he got my number through my friends and contacted me. We text for a week and we decided to meet. He does works a lot and he is pretty busy but he would text me in the morning or evenings when he was less busy. So, during we met and which he drove to my city and was really polite. I was trying to ask what he wants to do but he would keep telling me "its up to you". We spend 2 hours talking. I took my credit card out to pay for both of us since he came to visit me but he didn't let me pay and he paid all.
I thanked him and we left.

That evening I texted him that I had a great time and thanking him again to which replied he is glad that I had fun. It has been 5 days now and he didn't even text me. He watches my stories on social media but won't initiate the text? Should I delete him and move on?
Move on
Keep him just in case
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He didn't text after the first date?
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