If a guy doesn't text you for a week?

He texts you first, then doesn't for a week so I texted him and he seemed happy to talk to me but then goes MIA for a couple days or another week. what the hell? what does this mean?


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  • Well ima guy and like you girls like to do he could be playing hard to get, or he is not trying to come off as needy, or he could just flat out not be interested and only talks to you when its convient for him. But quick question I texted girls that couldn't hold up a convo and I had to do all the work so I stopped texting them, do you hold up your end?

    • yeah I keep the convo going... I actually make an effort ha

    • Ha that's great! a lot of girls dnt do that, unfortunately :'( but since you do forget this guy! you can do better.

    • lol yeah I deleted his # from my phone already :P

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  • If he always does the initiating, he's backing off because

    1. he doesn't want to come off as needy

    2. confused and frustrated he's always texting first and not sure if you like him bakc

    3. losing interest

    all 3 can happen simultaneously.

  • i think he just forget to reply , and here no reason for doing like that :)


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