Will he ever call me again?

This guy and I were interested in each other. We had both gotten out of long term relationships. We had hung out a few times and hit it off, but on the third time I basically got ditched and I was pretty flustered about it. He came over, apologized and told me he was glad I was so understanding. He asked to kiss me, and I said no (even though I really wanted to.). I later told him I liked him and that I wanted him to kiss me but I just felt awkward about it. I've never been *asked* to be kissed before.

We have hung out a few times since then, but he has been completely unreliable when it comes to making plans. He continued to call me, text me, and asked to hang out. But then it seems like we never do, he keeps canceling on me. Finally, I got frustrated and confronted him about not keeping plans and he got frustrated in return, saying he never made plans and just that there was a possibility and he didn't know what else to say.

I've asked him to be honest, and he keeps giving me these signals that he is interested but doesn't want to hang out because he keeps 'forgetting'. I feel like he is hiding something. I haven't talked to him in a week, so I emailed him explaining how I felt about him, but that I thought he was sketchy and I didn't plan on calling him anymore but he could call me if he wanted.

I haven't heard from him and its tearing me up. I really, really like him but I'm really confused. Why would someone continually ask a girl to hang out, only to ditch her the day of over and over again? Should I contact him or is the ball in his court?
Will he ever call me again?
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