Does he miss me? will he ever talk to me again?

I had a really close guy friend. he called me his best friend, and we'd go on break quite often at work. he came to my dance recital. teases with me, touches my hands and so on.

he and I have been mistaken to be in a relationship several times.

well, he has a girlfriend. they have been seeing each other for about 5 months. suddenly, he started not answering my text messages. he wouldn't talk to me at work. he acted depressed and as if something was deadly wrong to be so distant from everyone and especially me.

well, turns out he had an argument about me with his girlfriend.

she is really jealous of me, (honestly, I have more guys around me than she does. she has braces. and I'm skinny with curly hair, nice body from dancing and working out)

he finally sent me a message on MySpace telling me what was going on, and that he thinks that I am too close to him. when actually, I told him from the beginning he and her started dating that I didn't want to get in the way. and the bonus part was that he text me first 92.5% of the time.

i told him at this point it would probably be best to part company.

since he was telling me that I was waiting for his relationship with his girlfriend to crumble. when I never thought that. I wanted him to be happy, even though I don't see her fit for him.

when I say that I don't see her fit for him. I mean by saying, she changes him but not in a good way. whenever he's been with her, he'll act almost mean. he never really smiles around her, and never touches her. and I guess now, since he won't talk to me. he still acts distant from his friends.

it has been almost 3 weeks since I've heard from him.

it kills me to see our friendship go down the drain.

i miss him, but I can't tell him.

in fear that he'll take it the wrong way.

i miss how he used to be before she came along.

it's like he's a totally different person, and it's sad to see this happen.

Does he miss me? will he ever talk to me again?
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