Will my cancer man forgive me? Will he ever come back? How can I make him forgive me and come back to me?

Ok soo me and my cancer man broke up like 6 months ago.. He reallyyy loved me and did everything for me... He is my cousin btw.. I messed up soo badlyyy and he left me i tried to apologize but he didn't listen and just left... He lives far away from me soo this summer i finally saw him but he only stayed for 10 days and he left again.. He acted soooo cold towards me and treated me badlyy and kept making me jealous with other girls... My sis caught him staring at me more than once sadlyy... I dont know what means but does he still have feelings for me or is he over me? He was sooo serious about me and were gona get engaged this year i just dont know what happened 😭 im soooo broken i really miss him and want him back sooo badly 😭 is there any way to get him back without looking needy to him? I feel like he hates me now... We were soooo close and bestfriends before our relationship... He even changed for me and didn't talk to girls for me is there any chance for me with him again? How can he forgive me please help me


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  • No, there's no way to get him back without looking needy. Move on with your life and if he chooses to forgive you he will. You can not force things to happen.

    • Yeah i know but im the one who messed up and when he said he didn't want me anymore i just blocked him and now there is no contact at all but I don't know why i feel that he still loves me but he's waiting for me to do something I don't know maybe u can help me know

    • There's nothing youncan do. Even if you were the one who messed up. Consider it a hard lesson learned. We all make mistakes and sometimes we can't fix them.

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  • I think you should rethink the times you shared with him and look over the times he started changing the days before you guys broke up but he could of gotten jealous of you talking to other guys or being with other guys just hanging out i think he made you jealous by doing the things that you did or he must of saw you do with another guy that made him jealous just give him the same respect and attention as he gives you and i would apologize weather you did something or not someones feelings were hurt but you should show how much you care not just with words but threw your actions

    • I never did anything to make him jealous i just dont understand why he's acting like that.. Ok i guess i hurt him but i dont know what hurt him exactly like he once said that i was under his test and i failed and he didn't even explain it or say what i did wrong... Should i contact him or just leave it for the days? We haven't talked since 5 or 6 months !!! Is there any chance to get back together? Do you know anything about cancer men? Do they usualyy come back? Do they get over the ones they loved easily? Will he ever forgive and come back?

    • my comment is to long hun so im gonna send u a helpful message to your advice

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