LONG DISTANCE... Guys ever broke up with a girl, and wanted her back?

My guy broke up with me. Said he lost feelings. He deleted his Facebook/MySpace.

How am I supposed to make him want me back? We live states away. I know I'm supposed to do no contact, and work on bettering myself, and date more

On the other hand, is it possible that one day he might think about what he is missing?

I still love him like crazy, and can't play the crazy game, so. I'm doing no contact. I'm not going to show up at his door step.

The rule to the game is: Whoever cares less has the most power. I'm supposed to make him want to chase me, and I'm supposed to want to chose him after the chase.

How can I make that happen? Is he ever going to talk to me again? Here's a guy who said he wanted to propose to me, and said it would be a surprise when he did it.

He is trying to forget me, it seems like. I think he still loves me, but I can't talk to him, so I'll never know, plus he hasn't tried contacting me either.

It's been a month and a half, and all I've sent is a text saying "I miss talking" mind if I call you tonight. his repsonse not tonight maybe later in the week, his great gpa passed away a day a go.

So: No contact is my plan. Live my life without him, and try to move on... My plan was to try and call him tomorrow and just try to catch up as friends, but I don't know if he wants to talk to me.

I just wish we were the marshal and lilly of how I met your mother, instead of robin and ted mosby. ha

They take a long break in their relationship but both want each other back in the end, and get married.

I feel like he is giving me no chance, no second chance at making this work. Why is he trying to forget me? He broke up with me, shouldn't it be easier to just not love me and still have Facebook, without contact? He couldn't say he loved me on our last phone call. If he didn't love me, why did he delete his Facebook, he could have easily kept it up.

So does anyone have any solutions or success stories to my problem

This is what my plan is so far

1. 5k

2. improv class

3. painting class

4. sky diving one day

5. job/resume

6. graduation

7. crest white strips

8. Books and reading

9. Talk to people, try to figure out how to start my own business

10.Develop new hobbies - pool - shooting guns at the range - trying new things - hitting golf balls at a driving range

11. reconnecting with old friends

12. Trying to be friends with my ex from high school, although more than likely I will never date him

13. Go on dates, and not expect anything. I'm not trying to find someone straight of the bat

14. Have fun, live life to the fullest.

15. Become independent after graduation

16. Take boxing lessons

17. Lessen my stress - go to sleep and wake up at the same time

18. Try to start meditating

19. Rewrite my autobiography in 10 years. I wrote one last year

20. Reorganize my room

21. 8 min abs or an abs class

22. internship

So those are my options

+1 y
ok. lol this is fun. What did I complete.

#1, #2, #6, #7 #8 read 8 books, #9 Yes, but I could do more of this #10 not really but I did do the driving range thing. #11 somewhat #13 went on four dates. #20 CHECK
LONG DISTANCE... Guys ever broke up with a girl, and wanted her back?
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