Can I convince him to have a long distance relationship?

I met this guy during the summer holidays ( I study abroad) and we were with each other 24/7 for a month or so. I stayed at his place almost all of the time and we were acting as if we were a couple holding hands in public etc. but we both knew I would soon go away but none of us ever brought it up.

I did not expect to fall so hard for him and the evening before I went back I asked him if he thought we could have a long distance relationship. To my disappointment, he said he des not think it would work and said he once tried it with another girl (his first gf) and he broke up because it was "too painful to be away from her". I live 1h away by flight (plus 2h by train). In my opinion it is not THAT far and a relationship could work, if only he had been more optimistic.

Before I left he seemed genuinly sad and since then we have texted (almost like nothing happened) and he said he misses me. Does anyone have any tips what I could do? I am so confused right now :(


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  • yes long distance relationships can work no excuses if you half to wait til you guys sort things out until u guys can get closer then yes its worth the wait imagine being close to each other living in the same area its like you jump into something and then end up unhappy in the end relationships take time so does seeing each other everyone can't put a lot money toward a house by some one in one day not saying ur like that but i just hate it when some guys don't put as much effort in something they want why settle for someone in your area and be unhappy in the end it doesn't make sense to me when u can wait for someone u truly care about or take a risk life is short and be happy forever to me he sounds impatient a girl there will not understand when he's busy compared to a girl in a long distance relationship we have time to get use to not being able to see our love ones or bf while they are at work plus you learn how to not depend on each other so much and ur not far away u have other responsibilites just like him its life so to me he should wait for a girl like you because there is no girl like you and u care about him to make anything work and most girls aren't like that

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