How do men act after a break up?

So guys... all I want to know is if you broke up with a girl and after a month of her begging and you telling her that you never got on (even though you did), you wanted someone closer (long distance) then telling her you wanted to be a 'slag'. The first three weeks he told me he loved me but then last Monday he said he didn't and he would never be happy if he settled for me. He then phoned drunk after a funeral on Tuesday and asked if I was OK, he said he wanted me to be happy as life was too short but he didn't want to be with me. He still accepts my calls even when I commit phone terrorism and speaks online. He calls drunk and asks why am I not ringing him when I limit contact and the first thing he says when he rings which has always been the same is "have I been shagging" What's going on? Why is asking if he doesn't care, his first girlfriend was a virgin and the day after he broke up with her she slept with someone else and carried on seeing him a few times after and had dirty pics of men on her phone. That was long distance too. He always used to tell me he was scared of women and they were all slags but last week he said that's just what men say and any nice things he ever said they were just lines apparently. He always only ever told me he loved me in drink and this is the time he expresses his emotions the most. Also he said if I didn't want him to call drunk he would delete my number but do you think he actually would? He said he thought it would be best if we deleted each other from Facebook a week after so it would be easier and never did. I know the friends thing is a bit if a cliche and I don't want that but why is still communicating with me if he doesn't want a relationship? Would you cut all ties from an ex who even commits text/phone terrorism?

The reason for our breakup - my neediness, anxiety.


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  • personally the girls I have broken up with there is for me a kinda of mourning period in which I regret breaking up etc but after tht has happend I either decide tht I want them as a friend or I dnt want them in my life at all

    usually id rather have them as a friend I think he will probs delte your number if he really doesn't want you as a friend or a relationship if he keeps it he wants to either get back withj you or be ur friend


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  • Maybe he still likes you . Stop texting/phoning him because he knows he can come back anytime. Get on with your life & when he sees you are ok without him it will make him think. It sucks but there's nothing else you can really do.

  • Sorry for the honesty but he won't call anymore!

    at least not the within the first 2 or 3 month! but he might ask about you when he has the chance!

    The things about break up, is that men no longer needs to act! so make sure to be on good terms with him at this stage!

  • he still has feelings for you.


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