Why do woman always run to another man right after the break up?

Very often. I always see this, they say their heart is broken, they loved the last guy so much but they so easily just hook up with someone else. when I get hurt I don't even want to be in another relationship because I still feel connected to who hurt me. and it would be wrong to just use someone to make me feel better.

countless of my exes hook up with some guy they met or knew before and act like they are in the deepest love known to man. I just don't understand it, it seems heartless to me.
I can understand the whole not wanting to be alone concept. but I don't know it always feels heartless. using someone because you can't deal with the pain is so wrong. I can't even have sex with someone else right after a breakup ( I'm being honest ). And most of the time these woman try to run back to their guy. its like wtf you went off and slept with another guy and now your coming back?

it looks bad ladies and guys.
My recent ex ran to another guy and basicly tried to make him me. had him wearing my boxers she had, bought him my body spray, got him into liking all my favorite bands. he found out about me and was crushed.


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  • They're like people with jobs, you don't quit one job until you have another one lined up. The female is generally over the relationship and broken up in their mind for months before the average joe even has a clue.


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  • I've never figured this one out entirely but there are women that can't be single and women that would rather be single than be with the wrong guy. In general I've noted that the women that can't be single aren't very independent. So I would assume that since they lost their emotional rock in a break up they have to find a replacement before they fall apart completely.

  • Idk - I've seen guys do this quite shamelessly too. Been wondering the same thing?

    It probably has more to do with how the person really felt about the relationship; maybe you felt it was deep, connected, in love - the other person, not so much. If the relationship didn't mean very much to them, it would probably be quite easy to get back into dating and what not.

    I know for a fact if I fell hard for someone and we broke up, I couldn't date for a while after. But my friend broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago, and he had another girl on his arm within days.

    So it's just based off of the other person's true feelings.

    Or perhaps (though its less common,) that person has issues being alone, a new lover is a way for them to cope, or their trying to make other person jealous or get back at them for something.

    • @ update

      Wow - she's a bit odd no offence to your ex...anywho, it's obvious she still has feelings for you. Some people use new lovers as a way to cope. Maybe she was trying to show she doesn't need you or some bullsh*t like that, but in reality she's dreaming and wanting you if she did that too the other guy.

      I don't understand why she just doesn't tell you that she's still has those feelings; prideful I suppose. Or stubborn...

    • we don't talk at all anymore. She still has all my music, clothes and tattoo on her hand, but she's a waste of time. too many issues she needs to solve. its been a year anyways.

    • A year since you guys broke up? That's a long time to digest the break up; so I'm guessing she just moved on. Seems like she still has feelings, but moved on nonetheless.

  • Thanks to ___dr. mack201@gmail. com for bringing my ex lover back


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  • It's not heartless, it's just... cheap. Some people are in relationships because they're afraid to be alone and don't know how to be. It's not just girls, it takes two to fall in love overnight. Half the time I think the only reason guys don't act the same way is because they're more afraid of getting shot down than being alone.


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