Was I right in telling my girlfriend she can't hang out with guy friends 1 on 1?

Before I start you should know that my girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and see each other bi weekly. For a period of 3-4 days.

Alright, so a of couple nights ago my 3 month old girl friend told me that one of her guy friends back in high school (she is now in college) called her over the thanksgiving break and asked if she was still around.

She told me that he asked her to get together during the upcoming break and grab a drink or what ever. She told me that she hasn't seen this guy friend of years and they rarely keep in touch so she asked me if would be okay with her going out with him one on one and grabbing a drink and catch up...

My immediate response was "no I would not be okay with it"... I explained to her that I don't mind her going out with guy friends and girl friends as long as it is not a 1 on 1 atmosphere. I still support my choice of words. I told her that I haven't met one guy that would take a girl out for a drink just for "being friends" and I really haven't. I told her that 1 on 1 is always intimate and I don't really care whether it is her 20 year friend or her ex.

Her reaction was to ask me: so if one of her close friends which I met and I know has a girlfriend asked to grab a drink with her would I say no?

I answered of course I would say no, I told her I am very firm on this

She sarcastically and in a shocked voice asked me if I am serious like 5 times and each time I said yes I am very serious.

This is what really bothered me, because I expected her to just be okay with it and not really rebel. Because that is what I would do. So I said give me a call later and said bye. She texted me 3-4 times and asked me to give her a call.

I asked her how she would feel if I did the same to her, she said "I trust you and I would be okay with it"

I answered: well even if you would be okay with it I still wouldn't propose you something like this.

She said that she is really sorry that she rebelled and that she completely loves me and respects me and she will not do that.

I told her that every time stuff like this happens, even if they are small arguments, they are a big deal because it is a long distance relationship and that if it keeps happening it is going to get to me.

I told her that I am not a controlling person, because I really am not. I am completely fine with her going out with her friends on a friday or sat night. I even reminded her that I don't even bother her when she is out having fun. She told me are you kidding me I love hearing from you. We are currently pretty much in love, she texts me calls me and always tells me I love you. When we see each other we have so much fun and our sex life is just amazing.

Basically my question to you guys is that was I right? I mean would you do the same for your girlfriend or would how would you react if your boyfriend asked you to do the same as I did
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I also told her that in our relationship where it is a two way street it is also okay for her to tell me things she might not be okay with that I might be okay with. Even though she trusts me. So I pretty much was as nice as possible.
Was I right in telling my girlfriend she can't hang out with guy friends 1 on 1?
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