I have a girlfriend, but I have a huge crush on a girl at work. Does this girl at work like me?

So, I moved back to my hometown about a year ago, and got a job for a small start-up downtown. There is only one girl that works there, and it turns out she was friends with my sister. I was attracted to her since the beginning but I never pursued her, because I was at a new job. Also, her being my sisters friend, I figured she would not be interested in dating me. I don't know why I thought that, but I did.

Anyway, a few months after I started there, I started dating my current girlfriend. She is great and I love her, but something in the back of my head has been telling me that it will not last. We have been together for about 9-10 months now, and currently lives with me. While I do love her, I can't stop thinking about this girl at work. She is basically my dream girl. I would pursue her, but I don't want to give up a good thing with my current girlfriend for a girl who I don't know if she even likes me.

Some things to think about:

- She is the only girl at the office where I work. About 10 full-time employees.
- She is friendly with everyone, but seems to talk a lot. Especially during work functions, me and her will talk while everyone else around us talks, if I leave she usually follows.
- She is friends with my sister, and will ask me stuff about her sometimes, seems like she is trying to start convo. They were in the same sorority at college.
- We have gone to lunch together a few times, maybe 2-3 times. But it is always her asking me, and only me.
- She asks about my life/relationship with my current girlfriend every once in a while. She knows we are having problems right now, and I can tell she thinks I should break up with her. But doesn't seem upset about it, or jealous.
- She doesn't ever mention other guys around me, or dating anyone, not that I have heard anyway. I'm pretty sure she is single, but not sure if she is talking to anyone right now.

What should I do? If she did like me, I would end things with my girlfriend and pursue her.
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I should say my current girlfriend is very needy and irresponsible and our current relationship is strained, because of this. Though I have liked this girl, even when everything was great between my current girlfriend.

I still wonder if my current girlfriend is a girl I could marry. I am not even dating this other girl, and know she is.

My current girlfriend loves me a lot though, truly. No doubts about it. But we fight A LOT!! More fights than sex lately.
I have a girlfriend, but I have a huge crush on a girl at work. Does this girl at work like me?
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