The girl at my job that I like?

There/s a girl at my new job that I like. However, I don't try to approach her for one because I'm still new a month now. Also, I don't know her that well yet. When I talk to her, I tend to smile and look her in the eyes as I talk. if she needs help, ill ask her if she wants it. One time I was helping a customer and I asked her for her opinion on the matter, and she stood right in front of me with her booty damn near touching my leg...she always wear tights. One other time, she was near me again but her breast gently was touching my arm, something I think she may have done on purpose...idk. Anyway, I have her number and yesterday I texted her about going to work and we exchanged like a couple texts and that was it.

A couple days ago, I had to clock out and she came to take over so I stayed a few extra minutes to help her clear some stuff out, it was a lot of work left. As we worked we talked and she asked me questions about my past and education and what she would like to do in her future. I listened and had a great convo with her. When I clocked out, I said bye to her and shook her hand and told her to give me a hug, and she did with a kiss in the ear, Latino thing lol.

I don't want to chase her much at all but I do like her. I don't wanna text her out of the blue because I don't want to appear creepy or like I like her alot. I heard that she may like this other guy tho at the job...he tends to make fun of her alot, almost being mean so idk...

Idk what to do: all I have been doing is talking to her, smiling and whatever and when she came in yesterday and saw me she came over to hug me... I know girls like to take things slow and tend to go after guys who don't chase them much but I don't know if I should keep doing what I'm doing or what...

i don't want to ask her out and make the work environment between us, weird. Any suggestions or should I keep doing what I'm doing until she gives a picture that she likes me too
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Ok this girl and I are pretty cool still. I give her a hug a day lol and we're generally good in conversation. I don't try to impress her rather I just talk to her like a good chill friend. Thing is tho is that when I text her she will text back a couple times but then eventually stop so I don't really push anything...any recommendations or advice. I can't tell if she likes me but I do know that she always pulls on her hair when we talk in person...idk if its a nervous habit or what
The girl at my job that I like?
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