It's been 8 months and I miss my ex more than ever. Should I attempt to contact him after 7 months of NC?

My boyfriend of a little over a year broke up with me in January. We had an awesome relationship and even though the last 6 months were long distance I was falling more in love with him each day. When he called me one night saying he wanted to take a break I was shocked and dumbfounded.

I'll give you some background to our relationship. He is still in school and I had graduated the previous May. We are both 23 but he is 2 years behind me in school. We were each others' best friends and when I was with him he had this amazing ability to make all of my stress disapear. He was everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend and he treated me like a princess.He told me he never loved anyone like me before. My family loved him and I loved his. We could hang out for hours upon hours and never be tired of one another. Towards the end of our relationship I began to see a real future with him and possibly even marriage.

Then after he went back to school for Spring semester he started acting distant. His texts became less frequent but I blew it off as him wanting to spend more time with his frat brothers. Then one night, about a week into the semester, he told me he had wanted to take a break. I was so hurt and shocked because I didn't see it coming at all. To this day I am still unclear of his reasons but he had said that he didn't see a happy ending for us. He also said he didn't want to hold me back from doing great things (I had just entered the real world and he had 2+ years of college left) He has been having serious family problems and I wanted to be there for him so I was also confused on the timing of the break-up.

In the back of my head I keep wondering if he met someone new. When we broke up we were still talking and I tried to be friendly even though it was killing me inside. He broke up with me just weeks before my birthday and Valentine's day. He told me that he still wanted to send me flowers. This also confused me. I had to stop talking to him because it was giving me false hope of us getting back together and I wanted to start moving on. It's been almost 7 months of us not talking and I really miss him. I want to know if he feels the same way or if he has moved on.

Should I attempt to contact him? I erased his number and I am no longer friends with him on Facebook. Guys and girls what do you think I should do?
It's been 8 months and I miss my ex more than ever. Should I attempt to contact him after 7 months of NC?
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