Dating a guy for 6 months, is he getting bored of me?

I've been dating a this guy for 6 months now. Little backstory: I got out of a very long relationship. Soon after I started seeing this guy, we had a verbal agreement to just be 'friends with benifits'. I was fine with this, as of my breakup. However, after 3 weeks he admitted to 'falling for me'. We hung out a lot, at bars, he took me on dates. I met all his friends, best friends, family. He took me on work trips with him. We spent weeks & days together. Most of our time together, sex was not involved. Around new years it had been 3 months. I brought up the relationship chat, he said (paraphrasing here). 'He is committed to me, but wants to be sure of me'. As he has been hurt quite badly in the past.

Everything was fine, up until this month of February. I am noticing how his contact with me is very inconsistant, he hardly texts anymore & calls are non existent. However, we still hangout every so often and he makes breakfast for me & cuddles me at night. But, has stopped kissing me goodbye & kissing is reserved solely during sex.

I'm getting overally mixed messages. I want to ask him straight if he is bored, but without sounding needy. As I am happy for us to just be friends. I won't get mad, maybe a little sad but that's normal. But, out of respect I feel I deserve some answers.

What do I do?
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He ghosted me... guess I dodged a bullet. Thank you to all for your or advice, keeping it on board for future situations.
Dating a guy for 6 months, is he getting bored of me?
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