What does it mean when a guy won't stop kissing you!!!?

OK so I'm new to this whole dating thing! I'm 18 and I just had my first date and first kiss on Valentine's day. There's this guy I've been dating and it seems he can't keep his lips away from mine. I can't deny, I love it :) It's kind of overwhelming though because I'm so new to this. We first kissed and we were joking around and stuff. It was so cute! He had his arm wrapped around my shoulder and he was caressing it with his fingers then whenever I would crack a joke he would like give me a hug around my neck. Not like a choke hold lol it was cute. Anyway, he did something adorable and I kissed him on the cheek. Then he started kissing my lips like there was no tomorrow! Tongue and all! He pulled away, and then came back for more not even fifteen seconds later. I guess you can say we started making out but he initiated every single kiss. Do you think maybe he just wanted to make out or what? When I went to his house, he did the same thing. He was and is always very respectful. Like he’ll pull down my dress if it rides up while we’re kissing or if we’re just together alone on his couch and my shirt rides up, he’ll pull it down for me. He’s always being very sweet and respectful so it’s not like a situation where I’m being pressured or anything. I was just wondering what it means like do you think maybe he just wants to make out in general or what? He can’t kiss me once without kissing me five more times again at least. Also, what are some things I should do while making out? Thanks guys! :D


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  • He obviously is into you. Kiss his neck. BUT don't only make out. Enjoy each others' company. If making out is all you do, then I say what's the point?


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  • It's pretty obvious he likes you, I mean I wouldn't kiss anyone I don't like, I don't know how things work in your area. He definitely likes you and he sounds like a nice guy, so go for itttttttt. I mean, srsly, what's the worse that could happen?

  • Well kissing you just means he likes you a lot xD quite simple actually... and if you kissed him on the cheek that one time he must have taken it as a go-ahead so he could kiss you on the lips over and over again