Guys, what does it mean when a guy says he wants to kiss you?

i know it may sound stupid but does it mean he just wants to kiss me and that's over or he wants more than that? it's confusing because this guy is someone that I actually have a crush on and I definitely want more than a kiss or a fling...two reasons why I'm confused is that I heard that he had a girlfriend and I see the girl putting up comments on his fb profile and what not that would suggest that they're together but he told me he doesn't have a gf...then the other thing is why would he want to kiss me...i see myself as an average beauty most guys usually go after my friends and see me as one of the guys even though I am not a tomboy or do gross why me?

i'm really starting to think that he's playing with me because I just saw a link where he's telling one of the girl's friends to kiss her for him and wish her a good's kinda hurtful because I've been crushing for too many years on this guy for him to play with my feelings and not be hurt
we kissed it was amazing...we talked constantly since then until a few days ago. when I call he doesn't answer my calls nor my text messages. Monday was his last exam and we were supposed to met up the following day but he didn't answer plans changed I was a little worried that I did smething but then caling on Tuesday I found out he misplaced his phone. then Wednesday we spoke briefly on line and since Tuesday he hasn't answered my calls or messages. so what"s up now?!


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  • You can afford a kiss. If you must know, you can try. Your inner feelings about yourself may be correct or incorrect at any degree. If you are constantly being made fun of for your looks, I would walk away. If you are "average" in your mind, then you are down to earth and probably a better catch than the more insecure do-it-yourself make over girls. You may not know how people see you, it is one of societies difficulties and our own. Good luck.

  • Sounds like she's trying to mark her territory and he's not really into it, but it does sound like he's into you.


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