Finally asked my crush to hang reply?

Idk why he ignored my text message. I saw him today I was so gonna ask him in person but got nervous. So after I seen him I texted him :When we gonna hangout I was gonna ask you but I got damn reply...then I'll see him at work Sunday omg can you say

also should I send a follow up text telling him it's all good if he doesn't wanna hangout
thank you good way to look at things NicoJonesInc...I'll just play it coool and don't trip


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  • I think at this point the ball is in his court and you should let it be. From here on out just be yourself and let him decide. If he comes around, great. If he never brings it up and isn't man enough to say anything, then you're all the better. Believe it or not you're in one of those win-win scenarios. Let go of control and see what happens, I promise whatever it is will be for the better. The best of luck, hope this helps :)


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  • Maybe he didn't get it? That's a possibility. So be cool Sunday. If he acts funny, then you'll know!