Would you date a black woman?

Would you date a black woman?
So I am a black woman and I know that black women have one of the lowest marriage rates / are one of the least desired races. This, on top of declining marriage rates, on top of higher divorce rates, makes my chances lower, but I still have the intention to get married and stay married one day. I was wondering what the percentage is of men that would date a black woman.

Disclaimer: I see this as a personal preference, so even though I would be disappointed if you said no, I would rather you be honest. I think people naturally gravitate towards people that are similar to themselves so it is what it is.
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The only reason I've used the word Black in this question is because some people will literally exclude you based on your skin color, interested or not interested.

It's really not the same as "identifying with your hair color" or "identifying with your clothing color". There is a commonly known thing called racism, there isn't a commonly known thing called hairism or clothingism.

And no that doesn't mean that everyone that said no is racist, there's a lot of factors that play into this.
Would you date a black woman?
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