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Why would my ex do these things?

so i was with my ex for about 7 months we was on and off a little bit til i found out she started back communicating with her ex after the breakup she wanted to have sex and we was being passionate after the break up a little bit and i didn't want the sex because i had feelings i felt like she was tryna use me just for sex at the time now i think about it now i think she just wanted to get closer to me by doing that i dont know but she blocked me in October of 2020 and she unblocked me and we conversated on the phone for some hours and fell asleep on the phone after that she block me again after i sent her a text and that was in November and i found out in December that she was watching my social media off fake pages she said she dont do it no more (told my friend that) and in December my friend was on the phone with her and i was talking to my friend about a tattoo i was trying to get and i guess she heard my voice in the background and was like "i kno thats not who i think it is" and i told my friend im not stuntin her and she started saying "its giving obsess" and she had me messed up so i got the phone and we started going back and forth a little bit and she was like im not finna argue with you and hung up and before the arguing she kept saying she with her boyfriend but before i got the phone it sounded like a female was in the background and later December she got on the phone with my sister and she was saying "i dont know why he still texting me i just want him to leave me alone", (im still blocked) and she sounded like she was aggravated and that same day she unblocked me and was like "u need to move on its getting weird at this point" and after that sent her a text no response and a month later sent her a text basically sayin i done moved on hopefully one day we can put the bullshit behind us and be friends it went to delivered but no response its been a week now so she still had me unblocked and i just wanna know why she kept unblocking and blocking me?
Why would my ex do these things?
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