As an average teenage girl, how will you react to this?

As an average teenage girl, how will you react to this situation?

Your parents are loving, rich, popular, and are upper class so they gave you all the good things you desired from the time you were born.

Still, you are an average teenage girl. You have a hard time getting a boyfriend so your parents tried to help.

But this is the best part. You were just in a part of town with your friends. That area of town has lots of people such as your schoolmates (friends and not friends) as well as complete strangers. Then suddenly, your parents with all of your relatives from both your dad's side and your mother's side charge at you like an army as a way of surprising you for your birthday party because that day was your birthday.

They gave you lots of gifts as well as materialistic gifts. They also prepared lots of delicious meals for the banquet. They also hosted lots of fun games as well as set up a theatrical stage and decorations.

But here is the best and most important part of my question. Later in your birthday, your father went up the stage and use a microphone to announce to everybody the line:

"My beautiful daughter. You are beautiful so why do you keep saying that you are average? Anyways, since you said to us that you are having a hard time finding a boyfriend, I have a surprise for you. Come on out! You handsome men! My daughter, choose from them who you will like to marry."

Then came out seven handsome sexy muscular tall teenage men: A kickboxer, a basketball player, a soccer player, a romantic guitar player, a dancer, a rockstar, and a singer. They also danced and sang romantically and sexily in the theatrical stage while seductively smilling at you. They sincerely want to marry you. Then they all ran near towards your seat and acted romantically towards you.

Everyone such as your friends, school mates, and complete strangers were watching.

How will you react to this?
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By the way, the seven sexy tall muscular handsome boys that your father presented to you as gifts look like manly supermodels.
As an average teenage girl, how will you react to this?
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