He's sleeping with me?

I saw my friends with benefits or say I guy I was seeing meeting with his best friend's girlfriend who he is also good friends with. With her or his other female friends, he's so affectionate, talkative etc. He gave her a big hug and was gentle with her while they were video calling his friend/her boyfriend. But when I went to see him at the bar, he was waiting outside for me when I texted him that I'm almost there , drinking a beer but he didn't come to hug me or anything. It was me who hugged him and we went inside. He also only gives hugs till he needs something like sex etc and then stops when he gets it. Later on he told me he's not interested in a relationship so I blocked him. I also know that he was chasing another girl at his university whom he has not been successful in sleeping with and she's the main reason why he cuts off me because she's apparently his type and he wants her to ask him out again.

He leaves girls on read, is not open or friendly with me or other girls he's seeing but is very nice and affectionate with his female friends.

ow's this possible?
He's sleeping with me?
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