Why won't he sleep with me?

My boyfriend dumped me almost 3 months ago because he simply lost interest and didn't want the commitment of having a girlfriend anymore. Last night, after barely talking and only seeing each other around our college's campus for 3 months, I went to his apartment because I was hanging out with his roommate. My ex was being a total jerk to me, most likely because he was extremely drunk, as was I and he was saying the truth, which I just didn't want to hear so I blew up at him, Later, he was trying to go to sleep but told me to sleep in his empty roommates room because he didn't want me driving home. I didn't want to (I wanted to sleep in his room) so I acted a little crazy and started crying (it was just the booze bringing my emotions out) so finally he was like "will you go to sleep if I let you come sleep in here? I don't even care at this point, I just want to go to sleep." So I went in there and laid next to him. I basically told him that I just wanted to be friends with benefits and didn't want him back and he explained that the reason he never tried to see or talk to me was because he didn't want me getting my hopes up, thinking he liked me again or wanted to get back together because it was over. He said he would be down to be friends with benefits though. I was falling asleep so he left and went to go sleep on the couch.

I don't understand, first of all why he would leave and go sleep on the couch if he was still down to be friends with benefits (just not that night, I was too tired). Is it really that bad to sleep in the same bed with me? We weren't even touching either. He said he just couldn't sleep and wanted to go watch TV but I don't believe that because the first time I slept in his bed (we had just met and I needed somewhere to sleep) he said if he didn't like me, he would have went and slept on the couch but instead he stayed and slept next to me. So, if he wants to be FWB, why did he go sleep on the couch this time? He obviously liked and was attracted to me at some point so wouldn't he WANT a hot chick sleeping in his bed with him? Also, he's a guy who LOVES sex, so why did I have to be the one to try to have sex with him. shouldn't it be the opposite way around? So confused. I knew its totally over between us but I don't understand why he's making it so difficult to be around each other.
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I texted him saying I was sorry for acting so crazy and stuff and he said I put him in a really awkward situation and that we shouldn't talk for a while and see what happens...for him, that means lets never talk again, I'm really mad at you and don't like you at all.
Why won't he sleep with me?
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