It's obvious she's sick but why won't she tell me?

My girlfriend is sick but she won't tell me. It worries me that she doesn't trust me enough. We were grocery shopping today and she passed out. She did not look good enough to go because when she is light headed or dizzy she is very quiet and walks very slow and does not play music. I usually wake up to her blasting music downstairs. I told her she could stay home but she wanted to go. I saw her swaying so I let her lean on me and I pushed the cart. She is stubborn so she just grasped my arm and said she was fine. Then she passed out and was kind of pale. When she regained consciousness she told me she was fine just tired and wanted to go home. It's just not that it's been the whole month she hasn't been like herself. Migraines, she is usually very sexually active but this month she has asked me to stop because her stomach was hurting really bad, constantly hot, dizziness and very tired. She loves to drive but she's been asking me to take her places because she's too tired. I know she gets enough sleep. I asked her friend if she knew anything and she told me she threw up at her house but denied it. Why won't she just admit she needs help?
It's obvious she's sick but why won't she tell me?
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