Is he dropping hints that he wants to sleep with me?

I work with a guy and when I first met him he seemed kind of shy but eventually we started talking a little more. We would have shifts where we would talk to each other a lot. Our first convo we talked about how we’re both in college and our majors and he told me that i spoke very well so I’d be good at my major. He also told me he was going to a pizza place after work and asked me if I had any suggestions and what my favorite kind was.

I told him and the next day we had the same shift and he said he felt like he was having deja vu because we were there the day before. He told me got his pizza. Honestly sometimes I do feel a vibe. I have a boyfriend and he knows. When I told him, he asked us where we go on our dates to eat. sometimes I’ll call him during work. Whenever I do, he’ll linger but maybe I’m overthinking. We don’t have time to talk mostly but a lot of times I’ll look up and we’ll lock eyes from across the store. Once he also told me that I walked with a “mission” and I told him how come everyone says that and if people really pay close attention to my walking and he was like “I mean most of time I’m in the back”
Also he always plays with his hair around me and sometimes has a hard time maintaining eye contact. a coworker at work told me that him and another coworker have been secretly dating for a long time now since before I got here. I heard it was private but everyone knows and He never mentioned it to me while we talked. Today I was going into the bathroom and I walked in and saw him fixing his hair. It was soo awkward so I walked back out. I think I made a bigger deal than it was but I just didn’t expect it. I told another coworker because I was flustered and he came next to me and I apologized and he was blushing hard and straight faced and was like “i wasn’t doing anything otherwise I would’ve locked the door” I don't know he seemed upset but it was an awkward situation. Is there a flirty vibe from him? Am I subconsciously giving off one?
Is he dropping hints that he wants to sleep with me?
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