He led me on!!! How do I get revenge?

This guy I liked acted as though he liked me too. He invited me out for drinks, joked that he would think about me when he jerked off, blushes every time I enter a room, invited me out with he and his family for an outing. Hell , we have even slept in the same bed together. So I hinted to him that I wanted sex, he said he was not interested in me in that way. That he was not attracted to me.

Two things. First, if this was a guy that I was not interested in, that I was not attracted to, I would have steered clear from him with all the hints he was dropping me. Second, I am very cute and sexy. I know that sounds like I am tooting my horn, but yesterday alone I had 4 guys and 2 girls approach me wanting my phone number. So how do I get revenge on this jerk for leading me on?

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Hey folks, please not that I have absolutely no desire to be mature about this. I've been mature about these situations before and it just leaves me with an upset stomach because my sould needs revenge. There's no being big about this, I need vengence.
He led me on!!! How do I get revenge?
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