How can I get my revenge on a guy?

I'm sorry that's a bit long, but I'll guess you'll need to know the back ground to give an accurate piece of advice ! so I used to be a basketball player in a famous club in my area when these new guys joined our teams, they were two twin brothers, they came from another country and they were being too quiet and wouldn't talk to anybody, even the boys in their team, so I took the step and went there to introduce myself to them and ask them to come and hang out with us, I was just acting nice ! so one of them was so friendly, and the other didn't say a word, so that friendly kid came with me and I introduced him to my friends ! and since then we became friends we would hang out after training and sometimes he'll give me a home ride ! but still his brother didn't like me at all ! andd after about 3 months he asked me out, well that was my first time to be asked out and I accepted the invitation, after about 4 dates we became a boyfriend/girlfriend and I really loved him ! and then one fine day I called him like a dozen of times and he wouldn't answer ! and then a GIRL answered ! I asked her about who is she and she said that she's a friend and that her mobile broke and needed his for a while, I told her to tell him to call me as soon as possible .. when he called he said that she's his best friend and it's her birthday and her phone wouldn't work so he just had to give her his, I was like " hmmm OK " and I totally forgot about her ! but after like 3 weeks I found her calling me ! when I asked her about where she got my number she said I got it from him phone BECAUSE she saw my number a lot in his call log and she was wondering what kind of relationship we were having ! I was like OK what's your f***ing business here ?! she said that she was his girlfriend ! I was like now you're kidding me huh ?! she said that she IS his girlfriend and that he told her that I'm his best friend ! I told her that I'm really sorry and that he told me the same ! and that I didn't know that he has a girlfriend ! next day at the club I went there and I literally PUNCHED him in the face ! and we called each others names in front of EVERYBODY ! couches, players, even parents ! which ended up me and him getting kicked from the team ! now I'm ANGRY ! I lost my friends, my teams, my reputation, my LIFE because of this ASSWHO** ! I need help here ! and ohh by the way he told me that yes she is his girlfriend so nobody tell me now that she maybe lying she gave me some good evidence anyway that's why I was pretty sure she was not lying before I started the fight with him ! I don't want to get him back I just want to see him SUFFERING !
How can I get my revenge on a guy?
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