Two friends kiss and now it's awkward?

basically me and this guy have been friends for about a year and recently became really close.

we went with a group of friends to a band night and we all sat downstairs chatting and me and him regularly exchanged flirts. when he was leaving he kissed me and then we went outside away from our friends eyes and talked a bit and kissed again.

the day after we talked and he said 'it was just one of those things' to which I agreed of course to protect myself as I do and then we talked and joked about it in our own little way.

a few days later as part of a large group we went to London and on the first day we were with our own friends and came face to face for the first time since we kissed. at the moment we both spotted each other we both simultaneously turned around and read something on the wall of this very long corridor leaving our friends to look at each other confused as to what just happened so quickly. we all walked past each other in single file and it was blatantly very awkward for the both of us- I found this really funny but I think it was more nervous laughter I don't know how he felt though

for the rest of the trip (two days) I caught him looking at me quite a lot and turning away straight away and his friends looking over and being overly smiley as though they were talking about me

but I just am unsure what to do next as its now summer and I don't know when I am likely to see him in person, there's always online or something - I just don't know what to say to him I just really don't want whatever we have to be left and disappear

so please help! thank you! :)


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  • Yep, he likes you. I think he was protecting himself by saying "it was one of those things." He doesn't want to be instrusive or pressuring. If you like him, you have to at least talk to him. Even better, ask him out for lunch, your treat. Do you have his number? Can you get it? I think he was waiting for some kind of reciprocation from you. Doesn't need to be a kiss. Ask him to lunch.

    • it was a bit more than un-intrusive. he basically told her he does not see her as anything more .. Why would he expect her to call him. He said that -she did not ask him & she did not say it first.

      Thats retarded that he would say that out of no where if he did not mean it. Wow how stupid.

    • This is possibly but not necessarily the case. Folks get very sensitive to rejection when they are attracted. This fear can cause them to act as though they are not interested when they in fact are. The chatting, the flirting, the kissing, and the awkwardness post-kiss look to me like mutual attraction and fear of rejection.

      I say at least talk to him, and even better, ask him to lunch, your treat! If he says no, and doesn't try to reschedule, well, maybe it's not going on. I'd try a few times.

  • Get a hold of him somehow, suggest hanging out? :]


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